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Many questions we get more than once, so we made a list of the most frequently asked questions!


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What does the guarantee cover

Our guarantee is 14 days, this includes all defects that should not occur with normal use. A warranty period of 48 hours after purchase applies to tires.

Where can I find LegalBikes?

At the moment LegalBikes can be found in Amsterdam inside the ring A10 and student hotspots!

How can I pay for my Legalbike?

You can pay through iDeal and with Bitcoins. We hope to offer more paying methods like Pay Pall and other creditcards in the future.

Where do LegalBikes come from?

LegalBikes are refurbished bikes from the Amsterdam Bike depot. The left over bikes are rebuild to fully functional bikes and sold to you as a LegalBike. By only selling bikes that come from the municipality we can give a 100% guarantee that your LegalBike is not registered as stolen!

Can I return my LegalBike?


Not as happy as you thought you would be? You can return your LegalBike within 14 days. Contact us so we can collect it from you, the costs of collecting your LegalBike are €15. You can also return it to us yourself, this is of course free of charge! Just send us an email and we will make sure we have a nice cup of coffee waiting for you!


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